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Academic ghostwriters mostly prepare doctoral theses and dissertations, diploma theses, bachelor theses, master's theses, magister theses and term papers. Ghostwriting is by no means a new phenomenon: speech writers have in fact been used since antiquity. To this very day, it remains contested whether a great many works from all historical periods were actually written by the alleged author. For centuries, it was customary for university professors to prepare the doctoral work of their doctoral students for the according fee. This did not take place in secret, but rather was an officially recognised practice. The candidate frequently wasn't trusted to prepare the work for themselves. Moreover, their fees contributed substantially to the professors' livelihoods. Later, some universities even practiced "doctoral theses in absentia", whereby doctoral students did not even need to be present at the university. They never saw either the university or "their" doctoral thesis. Ghostwriters are accepted and recognised in many fields to this very day. Politicians make use of anonymous speech writers. Countless publications by renowned authors were and are in fact written by anonymous ghostwriters. Only academic ghostwriting is viewed critically, as it sometimes remains unclear what proportion of a piece of exam work has actually been completed by the candidate.

What are the characteristics of an academic ghostwriter?

The distinction between ghostwriters and academic ghostwriters is fuzzy. One first distinguishing feature of an academic ghostwriter is proven successful attainment of an academic qualification. Or at least this is the case at Acad Write! Given that the professional title of "academic ghostwriter" is not protected, anyone can essentially use this title and offer the according services. We can only speculate about the quality of the work of academic ghostwriters not holding the necessary qualifications; dissatisfied customers will rarely claim back the fee in the event of poor quality. The attempt to also define the academic ghostwriter according to the services they offer also does not lead to a clear distinction from other ghostwriters. "Academic ghostwriter prepare academic texts on behalf of the customer and remain anonymous" would be an attempt at a definition. However this also applies for lobbyists commissioned by companies to work in ministries and draft bills, for example. We can therefore only define the criteria that an academic ghostwriter must fulfil at ACAD WRITE precisely: they must hold an academic qualification in the field in which they work. Furthermore, academic ghostwriters must have already proven their ability to prepare academic work at the level required by universities and reputable specialist publications.

The moral views of academic ghostwriters

In the study available in the download area of this site, several students questioned academic ghostwriters on their moral assessment of their own work. It was in principle established that the moral scruples were lower the higher the ghostwriter's level of formal education and the longer they had worked in the profession. While 54 per cent of ghostwriters with a doctoral title had no moral objection to ghostwriting, this percentage decreases to 38 per cent among those with a master's degree. A comparable correlation could also be discerned in the breakdown of results according to the amount of time spent working as a ghostwriter. In our opinion, the fact that moral scruples wane over time is unsurprising. Such a habituation effect is recognised in many fields. The fact that moral scruples decrease the higher the level of qualification is worth a second look however. Is this perhaps a reflection of a certain distance to universities that carry academic standards around with them like monstrances, but in reality are meant to do nothing but produce the greatest possible number of narrow-minded academics on the double due to political requirements (i.e. Bologna)? Final theses – from bachelor theses to dissertations – often now only contain academic findings in such measured doses that it evidently merely seems irrelevant to the particularly highly qualified ghostwriters whether these are actually the students' own finding. The majority of this work could be disposed of after the exam is passed without any loss arising as a consequence. From the perspective of highly qualified academics, whether candidates actually prepared the work themselves is seemingly about as important as whether they tied their own shoe laces.

Academic ghostwriting services

The range of services offered by academic ghostwriters essentially includes all activities involved in the preparation of academic work. At the centre of activity is preparation of the actual text to the highest linguistic level, taking all applicable standards for academic work into account. Moreover, academic ghostwriters also contribute to the work's content. To this end, they perform literature research, compile empirical data and evaluate this using modern statistical procedures. Academic ghostwriters also act as coaches and provide valuable pointers for the preparation of academic work. Particularly students not affording any experience in this and who do not obtain the assistance they deem necessary from their university stand to benefit from this. These are the services most frequently requested. In principle, our academic ghostwriters' range of offers is in fact far more extensive. Their high degree of qualification means they are able to provide virtually all types of support requested within the scope of academic work. We sometimes only learn of the actual scope of our ghostwriters' services when we receive highly specific customer queries.

Who are the anonymous academic ghostwriters?

This information is also derived from the Swiss students' study mentioned in the previous section, which established that the typical academic ghostwriter is between 30 and 50 years of age. This applies for 79 per cent of ghostwriters. A total of three per cent of ghostwriters are professors, 38 per cent hold a doctorate and a further 38 per cent have a master's degree. The most common motivation for working as a ghostwriter named by 59 per cent of those asked was financial reasons. The study did not ask how many of the ghostwriters voluntarily decided to take on such work or determine the percentage of those holding a degree in a subject that is in less demand on the work market working as a ghostwriter for lack of an alternative.

Ghostwriters at ACAD WRITE

All our authors are bound by two fundamental principles. Firstly, exclusively unique pieces of work are produced, and all information obtained from sources is indicated as such according to the applicable academic standards. Secondly, they are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality. This is also a matter of course, for the non-disclosure of the authorship is exactly what sets a ghostwriter apart from a commissioned writer. Furthermore, as a matter of principle, we do not prepare any texts that may conflict with legal regulations. A careful distinction should be made between the question of illegal texts and the misuse of texts by the customer on which we essentially have as little influence as a trader who sells knives. This relates to advertising texts for medication which is (for good reason) only available on prescription from a specialist doctor, but are also freely available for purchase online, for example. Our medical authors exclusively prepare texts that adhere to the strict code of ethics that advertising for medication is subject to. We also decline contracts for historic or social science work if we consider the customer's content requirements to incite racism or hatred. It is not possible to include all aspects in detailed regulations. We must therefore reserve the right to decline a contract on ethical grounds, as each of our ghostwriters may also. Ghostwriters are first and foremost themselves academics and therefore bound to the scientific truth. It will therefore always be difficult when the contract explicitly foresees not mentioning important findings. To once again use a medical example: reports for specialist publications – on new medications, for example – are by all means included in our range of offers. However, when we are called upon to keep reputable studies indicating severe side effects a secret, we must turn the contract down quite simply because none of our ghostwriters would be prepared to do this.

Legal aspects of academic ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is not illegal. A detailed analysis of legal aspects relating to academic ghostwriting that arise can also be found in our download section. Please note that this was not prepared by Acad Write but rather by an independent lawyer. It is in principle true that the legal risks are higher for the customer than they are for the ghostwriter. Submitting the work of a third party as one's own exam work can have serious repercussions – from revocation of the degree to expulsion. Criminal proceedings primarily threaten when a false affidavit is given that the person produced the work themselves. Simply handing in the work generally does not constitute an offence. This being said, should the offence be uncovered at a later date, civil law and particularly labour law consequences threaten. The extent to which the work submitted diverges from our ghostwriter's prototype is entirely the customer's responsibility.


Academic ghostwriters at ACAD WRITE are qualified academics, who can help our customers with the preparation of academic texts. Alone the customer determines the type and scope of support desired. Our offer includes a wide range of work ranging from legal opinions to publications in specialist publications and periodicals – in addition to support with academic exam work and theses. Our ghostwriters maintain secrecy regarding their authorship and transfer to the customer all usage rights for the manuscripts prepared. It is the responsibility of the customer to make responsible use of these usage rights.