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With its ten years of experience as a ghostwriting company, ACAD WRITE is one of the largest international players in this sector - represented in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK and now opening its doors in North America (USA/Canada).

We create high-quality scientific papers for a steadily growing customer base of individuals, businesses and institutions. At the same time, we set with high quality benchmarks and a long time ghostwriting experience continuously new standards as a service to our customers.

Looking for a custom-fit solution for your project? Seeking professional ghostwriters who implement your plan as faithfully as your own? Do you appreciate on-time delivery, cost transparency and direct anonymous communication with your scientific author during the entire project? If you are committed to success, ACAD WRITE the ghostwriter will be your reliable partner.

Our academic ghostwriters set benchmarks

With our special service profile and internal quality catalog, we have earned a reputation in addition to the standard veritable customer advantage to offer such as:

  • Standardized quality criteria: Our 7-point quality catalog for all our scientific writers ensures that each assignment meets the quality criteria of the academic scientific community.

  • Comprehensive anonymous communication with author contact: With our special ACAD office communication tool we provide for each assignment a virtual office, for direct anonymous contact with your scientific author including data exchange and telephone conference.

  • Ideal Security: As our headquarters are located in Switzerland, we ensure that your work is very well protected and confidential.

Dr. Thomas Nemet, CEO
ACAD office

ACAD office: Author communication and phone conferences

Anonymous communication with your academic ghostwriter secured by a SSL encryption.

You have the opportunity of scheduling anonymous phone conferences alongside following the progress of your order in the virtual workroom.

Dr. Thomas Nemet, CEO
Dr. Thomas Nemet, CEO

ACAD WRITE the ghostwriter
Our quality management: Concept of transparency

Academic Ghostwriting requires in addition to punctuality also high quality scientific work.

This process is accompanied continuously by our quality managers and ombudsman.

Our ghostwriters pave the way to your success

Our scientific ghostwriters – being exclusively academics - are at the heart of our company and the secret of your professional career. The ghostwriters cover almost the entire academic spectrum of subjects, from business administration to law to dentistry. Whatever you need – from term papers to a bachelors/masters thesis to final examinations, diploma thesis and dissertations – our ghostwriters, based on their professionalism and experience, are ready for any challenge.
These services are provided by our ghostwriters in a determined time frame and are always in compliance with the basic principles of scientific work, because every assignment is one of a kind, thus being a guarantee for you and us.

How to contact us

For your project we submit to you a non-binding individual offer on the basis of your preliminary inquiry. You can use our contact form.

By the way, each time you communicate with us, our policy of absolute secrecy is applied.

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